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MOTA Edibles, a leading name in the Canadian edibles market, appears to be winding down its operations, much to our concern. As a retailer that has been offering MOTA’s range of infused candies and baked goods for over a year, this development is particularly disconcerting for us at Bulkweedinbox.

Why is MOTA shut down?


Although the exact reason remains unclear, two major theories are circulating:

  1. A police raid could have occurred, especially considering that MOTA faced legal scrutiny back in 2018.
  2. A fully licensed cannabis company may have acquired them, preventing the production of unlicensed edibles while repurposing their existing equipment and facilities.

The government of British Columbia is seeking the forfeiture of 10 Vancouver Island properties, claiming they are the proceeds of criminal activity. This action comes after the provincial Community Safety Unit reportedly discovered a large illegal cannabis operation. Five of the properties, collectively valued at nearly $15 million, are located in the Comox Valley. Two others are in Victoria, two more are waterfront lots on Denman Island, and the remaining one is in Qualicum Beach.

Earlier this month, a lawsuit was filed by the director of civil forfeiture. The lawsuit alleges that four residents of the Island and four affiliated companies have been unlawfully manufacturing and selling cannabis and magic mushrooms for an extended period.  Click here to read full article.

Impact on Customers

Going forward, anticipate MOTA’s products becoming scarce. However, Bulkweedinbox has you covered, at least for the short term. We have stocked a limited supply of MOTA edibles, so act quickly if you want to secure your favorites.

The discontinuation of MOTA is a significant setback for our emerging industry, particularly amidst a backdrop of increasing legal constraints affecting producers and retailers alike.


Alternatives to Consider

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